Bring Artificial Intelligence into your Legal practice

Artificial intelligence is changing the way lawyers think, the way they do business and the way they interact with clients. Artificial intelligence is more than legal technology. It is the next great hope that will revolutionize the legal profession.

Change can be brought on through pushing existing ideas. What makes artificial intelligence stand out is the potential for a paradigm shift in how legal work is done.


AI Transformation

Through our evidence based assessments we have discovered the impact of the growing market of AI-enabled legal tools on both the successful practice and business operations of legal organizations. We have identified 3 key areas in which AI can quickly impact your legal practice while keeping your investment to a minimum.


While technology can’t yet achieve all of what a lawyer must do, it can help free up legal professionals’ time and brainpower so more is available for creative thinking and strategy. There is a lot of opportunity to automate legal tasks that are repetitive and mechanical, like e-discovery and document review.

Download the report to see how artificial intelligence is impacting E-Discovery.

Contract Review

The main challenge firms face in contracting arises from the sheer number of contracts they must keep track of; these often lack uniformity and are difficult to organize, manage, and update. Most firms do not have a database of all the information in their contracts – let alone an efficient way to extract all that data. 

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Legal Research

AI gives you better quality research, faster. The most efficient and effective research experience lets you focus on more substantive, billable work. AI also allows you to find cases that others miss. Find precedent on the factual and legal issues you are working on that traditional research can miss. Turn research into a competitive advantage.

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Transform your Legal practice today!