Artificial Intelligence Workshops

Many companies realize the importance of implementing Artificial Intelligence, most companies do not truly understand where AI impacts their business the most. This workshop is designed to jumpstart AI deployment.

We assemble a team of our data scientist and AI experts and come to your campus to meet with your team first hand.

We offer full day or half day sessions. These intense sessions will leave you with a roadmap to artificial intelligence implementation including ROI estimates, vendor recommendations and strategy.



Our industry experts will leverage real-work case studies that apply to your specific practice and build meaningful connections to your business. Then, you will discover how to implement AI into your current data models and setup for future implementation.


The ELE team will take a deep dive into the companies technology stack, data modeling, and security practices. During this in-depth whiteboarding session, the insights into your business will lead to AI solutions.

Road Map

The deliverable from the workshop is a comprehensive roadmap for AI deployment including AI vendor recommendations, estimated ROI, AI management tools and strategy.

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