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We work with your team to provide education on what AI is and how it can be used in your business.  We have collected common industry use cases to quickly demonstrate its value.   Our team can deploy and adapt these use cases to your business using your data using our Agile AI Workspaces.  


TIMESERIES Forecasting 

Accurate time-series forecasting service, based on the same technology used at  We have an interactive workshop that guides you through how to create real time AI driven forecasts using your data!


AI in healthcare is enabling diagnosing patients more quickly in the ER to streamlining communication between doctors to lessening the risk of complications so patients can go home sooner, and avoid being readmitted.  AI is also being employed to improve efficiencies from schedule optimization to imaging diagnostic error prevention while improving patient care and increasing patient satisfaction. ELE can show you how AI is transforming healthcare.


Law firms are to compete in the legal marketplace, they need to embrace the way the world around them is using data to create new value with Al. To their credit, firms have invested in Al to make practice areas and workflows more cost-efficient and engage data-driven litigation strategies. Firms use predictive coding for document and due diligence review and embrace text analysis and contract analytics software to manage contract language. They also invest in predictive analytics to review how courts and judges may decide motions and cases based on decision-making patterns. Firms have not used Al on their data to create new business and new value for existing clients. ELE can show you the ways that legal practices can transform their business by adopting AI.

Other Industries

AI is transforming companies in every industry.  Whether you are in a large enterprise, small business or a startup, AI is transforming the way we do business, what your customers are growing to expect and the key to you staying relevant and competitive.  ELE is here to guide you through every step of your AI journey.

AI Journey

Most companies know that AI must be implemented but few companies know where to start. We make this journey easy…

ELE enables adoption and disruption through smart intelligence. The ELE platform instantly provides access to AI with one click integration and no data scientist needed.

In terms of benefits from AI, executives surveyed named identifying business opportunities, automating repetitive tasks, improving workforce productivity, and competing with peers as the top positive outcomes from implementing the technology.

  • FINANCE – 87%
  • Product Management – 68%
  • Marketing Sales – 77%
  • Communications – 43%

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Big data, blockchain and deep learning have forced companies to adopt tools that will transform businesses like never before. Learn how to start your Artificial Intelligence Journey.

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From Our Clients

“The ELE team helped us develop an extensive roadmap to transform us into an AI first company.”

Mark Riley

Director - Innovation and Corporate Ventures , Dow Jones

“We used to perform our AI assessment and roadmap that allowed us to quickly identify ROI”

Walter Gadomski

Director, eBusiness and Channel Services, BlueCross BlueSheild of Vermont

“Our experience working with the ELE team has helped us bring AI to our customers. We count on ELE to lead us through our AI journey.”

Michael Goldstein

President and CEO, LAN Infotech, LLC

“We used a legal specific application that was delivered on that redacted our sensitive client information.”

Henry Yoshida

Chief Operating Officer, LawGix

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